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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 1, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. what a man did during the korean war and why it may have made him a target for the communist regime. and a deadly shooting in san francisco over a video game conso console. the latest on the homicide investigation and a warning for anyone selling anything online this holiday season. plus, hundreds of people turned out to mark the 25th a versery of world's aids day d and celebration major accomplish. s in the fight against the disease. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm diane dwyer.
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we're learning to a connection to a once secret operation during the korean war. we have more from palo alto. kimberly? >> last week, merrill new map's family said he always dreamed of visiting north korea. it was a risky move and one that could have long lasting consequences. >> he was said to have trained anti-communist goriluerrillas bd enemy lines. information was only declassified in the early '90s when they started writing a book entitled "white tiger -- my secret war in korea."
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it isn't uncommon for u.s. veterans to keep in with the koreans they trained. this photo was given to us. it shows him posing with other guerrillas. >> there was a really close bond theen twoez men. >> this was his first known trip to north korea. >> i think it was a mistake for him to go back into north korea and make it known that he had been a part of this secret unit, because they are, from what i understand, still some bad feelings about this guerrilla operation that took place during the korean war. and the north koreans really are not particularly receptive to folks who had been a part of those units. >> i think this is political theatre. >> uc berkeley political science professor steven weber says it really doesn't matter why they
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detained him. what matters is that he's now in north korea's custody. although no one is going to say out loud that's what it is, both sides know exactly that's what it is. >> how this will play out weber says is uncertain pop i do think there's some fatigue in washington, d.c. at providing concessions to the north koreans every time they kind of create some trouble, we give them something. >> kimberly, thank you. >> vice president joe biden has a week-long trip planned to asia this week, including a stop in south korea. this is video of him in panama two weeks ago. he plans to participate in a ceremony honoring u.s. troops who died during the korean war. there's no word at this point if
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he plans to discuss with anyone the arrest of merrill newman. there's a statement that asks for the release of merrill newman as well as kenneth bay, another american held in the communist country. we are following the story at nbc bay type in detained in north korea in the search bar and you'll get the very latest information. we are following a developing story tonight. san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting. detectives tell us the victim was trying to sell a game console when he was shot and killed. the robbery and shooting happened about 3:30 this afternoon near the mission district. investigators say the victim a man in his 20s arranged online to meet up with a buyer. when the buyer showed up, he reportedly stole the console and then fired several shots, killing the man. police have not released a description of the suspect. they're also looking to see if there's video sur vale lance from any of the nearby businesses that could help them track down the gunman. police say this is also a very
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real warning about the dangers to selling items to people you don't know. >> nbc bay area is in san francisco's castro district where people gathered for world's aids day today. >> thank you. the first world's aids day happened. they will never forget the impact the disease had on their community. >>. >> reporter: the names of the lost were read allowed. this photo shows one of the first patients diagnosed with aids. th
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it was called the gay cancer. >> this came completely out of nowhere. this was a time our community was finding its political power and finding, pride in its self-identity as gay people. >> tonight, people attended a showing of a documentary called "we were here" chroniclikrochri aids epidemic which claimed the lives of over 18,000 gay men in san francisco. >> this is a wonderful thing. there are treatments now that keep people from being very sick and from dying. but people are still dying from aids all over the world. >> while originally thought to be a gay disease, aids spread to the heterosexual community. i will have to retire. >> celebrities announced they were hiv positive and per acceptings began to change. researchers diskoved a break through with drug combinations which did not cure the disease, but ended the death sentence associated with the virus.
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now many with hiv are living long, active lives. a. >> and suddenly it went from a disease that people died of to a condition people lived with. >> activists say progress has been made but there's still work to do. 35 million people worldwide are living with hiv and only a third of those could benefit from hiv drugs actually receive them. live in san francisco tonight, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. most people driving home from a holiday weekend. traffic is moving at the speed limit. not a whole lot of people out there right now. traffic was still moving, but certainly not at the speed limit.
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>> from the roads to the sky, the bay area reported a busy weekend. familiar possible traffic delays earlier today. sfo saw its passenger numbers jump by 9 million since 2007. that's almost a 30% increase. it's just the opposite at oakland international airport. it's seeing a drop of 5 million people per year during the same period. 14 until passengers, using the airport in 2000 to 8 million passengers last year. >> there's a major change in the forecast coming up. most places around the bay will see near freezing temperatures. >> that's right. we will be seeing that. i know it's hard to believe
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given today we were close to 70 fst degrees for highs around bay area. the cold pocket of air is going to dive down late tomorrow. it's going to drop us into highs in the low 50s. so the days are going to feel down right chilly. it's going to feel like canadian air conditions. now a flip side, skies are clear overnight with wind sheltered valleys. temperatures will drop, not just near freezing, but several degrees below freezing. we think by the time we get to thursday morning, here's a sampling from north to the south. low to mid 20s for lows later this week. fairfield about 26. locations around morgan hill and concord, likely for the second haft of the week. low temperatures in the upper 20s. this is white's significant. we have had patchy frost before. when your morning. s drop into the 20s, napa will be freezing. getting down to 27 degrees on third morning.
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we'll have the full forecast coming new a few minutes. >> the clinic on elca 34 i in o real will open on mon. folks say it will negatively impact nearby businesses and residents. we'll keep on the story and bring you the latest tomorrow. fleischmann who is identified as ajenner returned home just in time for the holiday this week after suffering second and third degree burns when another teenager set fire to his skirt several weeks ago. sasha's parents say the attack won't deter sasha from being
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sasha and hopes this will help people who identify as agender. that 2-year-old boy who nearly drowned yesterday expected to make a full recovery. fire crews say the boy was fishing with his grandmother when lost sight of him and he fell in the water. he was under water for 15 minutes before fire crews rushed him to the hospital. but again, doctors say he's expected to make a full recovery. back in october, a deputy shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez. deputies say they ordered him to drop his weapon, which was designed to look like an assault rifle but was actually a b.b. gun. the sonoma county supervisors are expected to vote stuz on whether to consider plans to create a park in lopez's name.
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several people were killed when a train crashed in new york city today. we will hear from the survivors there. amazon claims it will deliver packages minutes after you order them.
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>> federal investigators say they have recovered the black box from a commuter train this morning. and they say the train speed is the focus of their investigation. four people were killed and dozens of people were hurt. we talked to passengers who were onboard. >> dennis o'neill was in one of the first few cars that careened off the tracks and slid down the hill towards the hudson river. >> i hit the window. all the chairs came out and the woman hit me and a couple of people were hurt badly.
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as we were going over, i looked at my two friends and screamed. they were going over. >> four people lost their lives. three of whom were ejected from their seats and thrown out of broken windows. >> it's just the most horrible thing. i was just coming down and i saw somebody -- i saw a dead body. they covered it with a white sheet. and then the -- it's just breath taking. the dozens of injured were taken to four area hospitals. lisa delegagado's cousin was onf them. >> hit her the side of the head. saw her through the other window. her glass broke. officials say 11 victims suffered critical injuries. >> we had several people that were either trapped under cars or partially under cars. we had a list of cars using air
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bags. we did a little cutting to get better access to some of the folks that were underneath the cars as well as in the car. >> we're all very upset. eshd cope them in our prayers. >> fans are mourning the death of paul walker tonight. he just attended a charity event called reachout worldwide when he died. they were raising money for typhoon leaf in the philippines. after the event, he was riding in his car when the driver smashed into a light pole and a try killing the fast and furious actor. fans came to pay their experesp.
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>> he was crying and had tears in his face. it was sad. >> i'm shocked. it's crazy that paul walker is in "fast and furious" and he races cars and ends up getting in a car accident. >> a mountain lion was sighted this morning in san mateo county. they are sometimes misreported with authorities discovering bobcats rather than mountain lions. animal advocates say a new law is about to go into effect, designed to protect and rescue mountain lions. this comes exactly a year after the controversial killing of two mountain lion cubs. the bill by san mateo senator jerry hill goes into effect on new year's day.
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we locate animals or chasing them from a residential area. rather than shooting or killing them. >> the goal to have unmanned aircrafts delivering packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. just like that. according to amazon's ceo. the helicopters could carry packages up to five pounds. the company says it's ready to launch the project in 2015. it's asking the faa for permission first to use those drones. that would be really weird. >> let's check in on weather, the change and all that stuff. can you imagine you're standing around and all of a sudden this drone come downs and drops a gift to you? >> a little disturbing. >> the cold shouldn't be sneaking up on you. during the day tomorrow, you're
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going to notice the big change coming our way. right now, 40s and r50s. a closer look at some of the temperatures now. drop down to 44 degrees. those numbers will certainly seem tame compared to where we'll be wednesday night and thursday night and friday. so what you can expect tomorrow morning will be some low clouds and some fog coming back in the morning. a slight chance of brief showers there. this pattern change is evolving. cold air begins to spill south, one of the thing, at least the first wave we'll see late tomorrow is this slight chance of showers. moving from north to south. but notice with this cold air
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aloft, it tends not to hold a lot of moisture. but we'll see snow levels at times that could be as low as 2,000 to 3,000 feet. you can see how quickly things dry out. the bay area basically going to be freeze dried for the middle part of the week for the start of the weekend. you notice highs drop into the low 50s. gusty winds overnight through wednesday, probably the coldest night will be thursday night on into friday night and saturday night. freezing temperatures are possible. and we will see freezing temperatures, not just for inland valleys, but san francisco to oakland. you're at freezing san jose and liver more. the forecast will be in freeze watches and warnings in the bay area. high temperatures dropping you
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have off from the 60s into the low 50s no matter where you are in the bay area. the coolest daytime highs by wednesday. high close to 50 pst degrees. tomorrow, still relatively mild before the change comes. the eastbound and tri valley, highs in the low 60s. 67 in san jose, dropping 10 degrees on tuesday. then by thursday, we're faulking 40s and 50s irnd a the bay area and low 20s for highs. thank you, rob. >> it's so nice to see you. >> oh, yeah. it's so nice to see you, too. >> let's talk about sportser you know? >> how was thanksgiving? >> it was great. how was your thanksgiving? >> fantastic, thank you. i better get to work before they fire me.
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>> michael crabtree makes his long-awaited return. he'll show you what he's able to give the niners in his debut next.
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>> the 49ers back were against the wall. but that didn't stop st. louis from trying to ram them into a corner. it is almost the playoffs. and teams have to win. the 49ers hosting the rams. michael crabtree making his season debut. hurts his knee blocking. he would not return. injuries do not seem to be too serious. however, not expected to play on sunday. kaepernick to crabtree. he's gone for 60 yards. 69 yards receiving. fourth quarter. kaepernick to vernon davis. karate kick almost in the jaw.
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more from candlestick. >> michael crabtree had a 60-yard reception with 42 yards coming after the catch. but against the rams, boldin was calling kaepernick's main target on third down. and boldin and vernon davis remain the only 49ers with receiving touchdowns this season. >> when you have a guy like that, it definitely frees you up. >> it's always a great thing. crabtree is a special player. >> a lot of big-time players made by anquan boldin. one of those guy guys that, you
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no e, anticipate is going to step up big in a big game and he did. >> verreos mon made a few plays. the 49ers defense gave up its first touchdown in the last ten quarters in garbage time against the rams. whitner said he doesn't care about the style points. with san francisco's playoff position to be determined, this team needs to get rest when it can, especially with seattle coming to candlestick next. >> thank you, mindy. a power outage caused an early delay. game time 113, fouled right tr. he would make both free throws. 36 points, then with the game on the line, isiah tom maps not on
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my terms. stanford cardinal 10-2. the number 17 in the standings. the pac-12 championship game december 7. before we g et oit of here 37 dawkins captured his 100th career victory tonight as the cardinals roll, 92-60. and diane, zach klein has decided to transfer. >> and so that's the kind of cal news you give me after all that stanford news? >> i know. i wish i could deliver a cal victory? >> miracle. isle start pray right now. >> oh, that's depressing. >> coming up next, a new mission for man's best friend at sfo.
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we'll explain coming up.
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san francisco international airport, the spca volunteers are scheduled to begin visiting sfo this week with eight certified therapy dogs. the dogs have been selected for their temperament. they're not in official uniform yet, but they you'll be able to identify them by the vest thiels be wearing with the words pet me on them to reduce your stress. >> the manzanita park and ride lot is shut down because of projected high tides. cal tran officials are
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encouraging drivers to use other park and ride lots as alternates in the meantime and coming up next, police chase a man who stole a ferry in seattle. we'll show you how they caught up to the suspect. plus -- >> u.s. providers exploring medical tourism. millions of americans are now traveling outside of the country in search of cheaper health care. ahead, we investigate medical tourism and find out if it's worth the savings.
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u.s. businesses and health care providers are now considering outsourcing medical tourism as an option. critics argue it could still come at a cast. -- cost. >> 1,500 mile travel. >> months of waiting to experience this. >> i'm going to walk in the water tonight. >> kelly general kings couldn't be happier. >> yes, i really have. it sounds crazy. it sounds nuts. >> crazy, because jenkins flew from california, leaving arguably some of the best medical providers in the world to come to this hospital in
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mexico. as a ceo of 360 global sheerks been connecting others with doctors around the world in the emerging industry of medical tourism. she's such a believer, she's about to have her first surgery outside of the u.s. >> this will actually end up helpinge helping everyone in the united states who goes to an american hospital for surgery. because it will force american hospitals to look at their costs. >> it's a trend the world is looking to take advantage of. >> the american medical tourism industry held a meeting at caesar's palace. >> you came all the way from india for this conference? >> yes. >> the five-day conference ended with a class ma marking the attendees as medical travel specialists. >> health care has gone global. >> joe har kins is with the
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medical tourism association. he says insurers are also getting involved. u.s. companies like united group program and blue cross and blue shield are exploring medical tourism as a part of coverage. many will get onboard because of the affordable care act. >> if it's cheaper, if it's quality, you can't lose. >> i have all of my mexican credentials when i went through medical school and did my specialty training here. >> this orthopedic surgeon says about 70% of his patients are coming from other countries. including kelly jenkins. he allowed us inside the operating room during jenkins procedure, a knee surgery that will cost her $5,000. back home in california, it would have cost her $12,000 to $14,000. >> how are you able to keep your costs so low? >> what i have to pay for malpractice insurance, i'm
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paying 1/10 of what they pay there. >> the low costs have more and more patients shopping around for medical procedures. >> i did a gastric sleeve in november of last year. and this year, i'm doing the breast lift and implant, a tummy tuck and an arm reduction. >> we even met another california woman in the operating room next to jenkins. >> i can do one surgery in the u.s. for the price of two or three here. >> a facelift in latin america for $5,000 or $15,000 state side or a heart bypass surgery for around $5,000 in india, $144 now in the u.s. and a knee replacement surgery for around $11,000 in costa rica or $7,000 in malaysia, compared to $50,000 in america. so what's the down side? >> i see a patient every two weeks that has some issue. >> this plastic surgeon says medical tourism can be anything
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but reliable. at her practice in lafayette, she regularly performs corrective surgery on patients who want to save but end up paying in the long run. that's what happened to this woman who had such a bad experience she asked us to alter her voices and appearance after she traveled to mexico to have lip injection, she needed multiple surgeries to fix her mouth pop i think most medical professionals were a bit horrified. >> persons says much of the added cost is to protect patients if something goes wrong. and u.s. doctors oochb have more oversight. >> if they don't pay anything for malpractice insurance, then likely their overhead is much less because there aren't all the certifications we have. and i would take that as a warning sign. >> it's lack of awareness, that's really what it is. >> supporters of medical tourism argue if you do your homework and make sure you are in trusted hands, price tag for global medicine is worth the risk.
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>> there's no doubt. there's absolutely no doubt. i will probably never have surgery in an american hospital again. >> and by the way, jenkins' surgery went well smep's now recovering back home. still, the cdc warns the added complication of travel opens patients up to other danger, including blood clots, infections and crime if traveling to a country with a travel warning. for a list of tips on what to look for if you want to know more about medical tourism, log on to our website, nbc bay >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, just call. or you can always send uh us an e-mail. the white house announced today it has followed through on its promise to fix the health website. despite the disastrous rollout, the white house said it met its self-imposed november 30 deadline to get the website working properly. and not surprisingly, democrats
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and republicans are split over how effective the changes are. >> it has hit the big benchmarks it set out. 50,000 people at one time. 800,000 people a day. look, this is going to take some time before it's up and kicking in full gere. >> so they've disrupted it for the 85% that have health care and their costs are going up significantly. so we've broken the system to help a if uh. >> the white house describes the website as a work in progress, but dramatically better than what it was when it went online on october 1. people in california have not had to deal with the problems because the sate-run website that covers california has handled all the sign-ups in this state. a seattle man is under arrest tonight for stealing a ferry and taking it out for a joyride. that's the victoria clipper drifting in seattle's l.a. bay this morning. the man onboard told police he was just taking the boat to west
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seattle. it's 132-foot long and can hol more than 300 people. authorities are trying to figure out how the man managed to steal the ferry in the first place. in scotland, eight people were killed when a helicopter crashed into a pub this weekend. it happened in glasgow, scotland's biggest city. we have the latest on that. >> workers have been an the crash site all day taking parts of the helicopter away if examinati examination. investigators are trying to piece together how this happened. a close-knit commune tiff is shocked. one survivor coming here straight from the hospital. >> prayers have been said across glasgow today. now people want answers. the central question -- how did
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a police chopper fall from the sky in a busy city center, killing at least eight people. so far, nothing specific from police. >> the helicopter was returning from an operation in which it had been deployed. >> there's a possibility there's more bodies trapped under the wreckage. >> it's terrible. >> authorities are still working aroundhe clos. dw. >> the line of tribute is growing as a community comes to terms with what has been lost. experts say uncovering the cause of this accident may take many months.
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>> britain's prince harry has begun his race to the south pole today. they arrived a week ago, but severe weather conditions ed layed the start. it's a race that raises many unfor injured servicemen and women. it involves two weeks of trekking up to 13 miles a day in sub freezing temperatures. prince harry says he's looking forward to the extraordinary physical and mental challenges. >> if i'm given the opportunity, that means i can actually help these guys out with more awareness. then so what if it's 90 miles an hour winds. >> teams from the uk, australia and u.s. hope to complete the expedition in time ocelebrate christmas back home. coming up next, an incredible comeback for a bay area woman. her journey from surviving a car crash and a broken neck to finally fulfilling a life long dream. there she is.
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>> another iron man triathlon is one of the most gruelling challenges physically and mentally. what one bay area woman overcame just to complete. >> ever since i was a little kid, running was always my big thing. >> there's rarely a day when
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naomi isn't run, biking or swimming. >> six times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. >> earlier this year, she was busy training for an upcoming gruelling ironman triathlon, but on march 3, her car hit a patch of black ice near tahoe. >> the car slipped and rolled and landed on the roof twice and came to rest upside down. >> she landed in the hospital with a broken neck and two badly damaged vertebrae. she eventually wound up at usf hospital in san francisco. >> she would have been paralyzed and lost all arm and leg frungs functions. >> luckily, she didn't suffer a spinal cord injury, still her doctor was surprised with the question she posed before u.s. just before undergoing surgery in may. she wanted to know when she can resume training. i said well, i'm still going to be able to do this race, right?
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crazy. >> i told her, you know, maybe you should postpone. >> but three weeks after her surgery, she started training. last week she ran, biked and swam in the iron man triathlon in tempe, arizona. >> my goal for this race is just to really savor the day. >> the highs and the lows of it. >> she came in 11 hours and 29 minutes. his doctor said soon he'll have a reminder on his wall of his most determined parents yet. >> i'm going to get a picture from my race and sign it for him to put in his office. >> wow. i'm not a runner so it's harder for me to understand, but that's still an incredible story. >> we're going to see some
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challenging conditions, coming to the bay area, not so much right now or tomorrow morn bpg' gore toing see 40s and 50s for the moment, give way to patchy low clouds. nothing too bad to get you started. north of the golden gate, more clouds filling in. perhaps some brief showers around sonoma county and maybe near the coast. >> the systems out of the north are cold but they don't have a lot of moisture. theen though snow levels could get as low as 2,000 feet, notice a lot of moisture isn't there in the system. most of the action will be off to the east. but we will see a period of gusty winds as we go through the day tuesday. tomorrow, increasing clouds, but the main punch of this cold air comes in tuesday, wednesday and thursday. highs in the low to mid 50s. gust dituesday, but as the winds back off, this is the period where we'll start to see freezing temperatures setting up for napa, livermore, probably
11:50 pm
even san jose. freeze warnings seem likely for the second half of the week as we approach the weekend. if you notice the drops in the daytime highs, 60s and 70s monday through wednesday around the south bay. tomorrow, only close to 50 on wednesday. the cold temperatures, not just from for the south bay, but over towards the north day and the try valley. we could see a few late day showers in santa rosa. increasing clouds, over towards san francisco, low 60s. around the rest of the south bay, mid to upper 60s for your monday. 50s get started on tuesday and they err going to stay there. we're talking highs in the 40z to low 50s, thursday into friday. but the freeze warnings mean business. we're looking at five to six hours below freezing overnight in the valleys for the second half of the week.
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>> hard to imagine, but i trust you, rob. >> good to hear. >> thank you. >> come up next, a secret multimillionaire with holes in his pocket. the record shattering donation he left behind to three charities. ♪ getting cozy. ♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ get the family to strike a pose, ♪ ♪ and show off your brand new clothes! ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. in seattle, jack mcdonald, he liked his free coffee and his privacy. but his chris daniels reports, he was sitting on a fortune. >> this first hill senior living center was home for jack mcdonald. according to his friend, he wasn't a flashy dresser. and wasn't a big talker. >> jack wouldn't be the kind of guy that was looking to make an impression on you. >> mcdonald, quietly left the earth in september, passing away at the age of 98. thus revealing a secret he'd held from his neighbors and those who thought they knew him.
11:54 pm
>> jack kept his fortune a secret more than 40 years. >> mcdonald was a multimillionaire who inherited his nest egg from his parents, which started the mcdonald meat company. he donated it all, $187 million to charity. and specifically seattle children's hospital, u-dub law and the seattle children's company. >> it's just magnificent for pediatric research. really helping us accelerate cures. >> friends sajak never talked about his wealth and that the private philanthropist was a covert coupon clipper. so what kind of guy was jack mcdonald? a guy who liked a good deal. his friends say that he would walk from his apartment to this grocery store every time that frozen orange juice went on sale and he bought so much over time that he had to install a second freezener his apartment to hold it all. >> and god bless him for living that kind of a life and leaving this legacy, this quiet legacy. >> a legacy that now gives
11:55 pm
others perhaps new life. >> that was chris daniels reporting. over the years, mcdonald also donated about $150,000 to a village in canada where his grandfather grew up. that village was able to build an ice rink and a town hall with his donation. >> it's a big day for a giant panda cub at the national zoo in d.c. let's listen in. she finally gets a name. we'll show you what it is.
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the the giant panda at the washington, d.c. zoo has a name bau-bau is very, very talkative. >> today is special because one more giant panda has been added to to the saving not only the giant panda but its habitat. >> bau-bau is still with her mother. she'll meet her fans in an unveiling next year. adorable. ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste.
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>> you're watching a bay area special. tonight, bay area proud. he may be small, but he's got big ideas. and a big heart that will give ault dults a lot of food for thought. >> against all my better judgment, i decided to buy it. >> what on paper looked like a bad business decision has given this man some of his greatest success pop i call it setting my life free from that airplane. >> his ticket to freedom started with a free plane ticket and now


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